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최근 업데이트 날짜: 2023년 01월 13일

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  • 연구실 소개

    I am a tenured professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISysE) and Graduate School of Data Science (GSDS) at KAIST. Before joining KAIST, I worked as a professor at UNIST and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. As a human factors and ergonomics researcher and educator, I and my team have been actively conducting original research to develop novel ergonomics methods and design human-centered products/systems for better safety, health, comfort, and user experience (UX) because they have a profound impact on individuals, families, and society as a whole.

    We are particularly interested in the following 4 research areas.
    (1) Technology and healthy/safe aging (Focus: AI/ICT-based fall and injury prevention)
    (2) HCI/VR, Human-Exoskeleton Interaction, Human-Data Interaction
    (3) Digital human modeling and ergonomic product design
    (4) Human biomechanics, behavior analysis and modeling
  • 연구분야 키워드

    • #AI/IoT
    • #Digital Human Modeling
    • #HCI/VR
    • #Healthy Aging
    • #Human Factors and Ergonomics
    • #Human-Exoskeleton Interaction
    • #Industrial Engineering
    • #Industrial Safety
  • 졸업생 정보

    I have had the privilege of working with many excellent students. Please see our lab webpage for more information (
  • 연구실 지원 방법

    As a faculty member in KAIST ISysE and GSDS, I have a few MS/PhD slots with full scholarships in both graduate programs in 2023. If you are interested in our opportunities, please contact Prof. Shuping Xiong directly through emails ( with a copy of your CV for an initial inquiry and then send your application documents through KAIST official application site ( before the application deadline. Please note that you have to get admission from the department first in order to be eligible to join our lab.

    Feel free to contact our lab representative-Mr. Seonghyeok Park ( for more details about our lab.
  • 자격 조건

    * Required Qualifications
    - Industrial engineering (human factors), computer science and engineering, industrial design or other related majors
    - Self-motivated individuals with a keen interest in interdisciplinary approaches to human factors research for the betterment of humanity
    - Strong technical, analytical, and communication skills

    * Preferred Qualifications
    -Familiar with experimental design and statistical data analysis
    -Experience in sensing data analytics and machine learning
    -Fluent in English
  • 대우 조건

    Full Scholarship for MS/PhD Candidates in Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering or Graduate School of Data Science @ KAIST


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